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Koh Samet

About Koh Samet

Samet Island is located a few kilometers from the Beach of Rayong. The island got its name from the evergreen Kajeput tree (in Thai called Samet), which grows in many places on the island. Samet Island is famous for its blue waters and sand. The area of ​​the island is only about 5 km2, which is comparable with the area of ​​Koh Lan island, located near Pattaya. In 1981 Koh Samet acquired the status of a national park.
Samet is the scene of the famous poetic epic "Pra Apaymani", written by the most famous Thai poet Sunton Pu (1786 - 1855) who lived there. The poem tells of Prince Apaimani, who was expelled in underwater kingdom ruled by an evil giant. The mermaid helps the prince to escape and then defeat the giant with the help of a magic flute that immerses the villain in deep dream. The statues depicting the characters in the poem can be seen in different places on the coast of the Island of Samet. The eastern side of the island of Samet is an 8 km long stretch of white sandy beaches, with numerous restaurants and bars.
The western side of the island is poorly populated and less developed.
The inner part of the island is uninhabited and dotted with numerous paths with the help of which explore the flora and fauna of the island.
The island can be reached by ferry or boat from several moorings located on the coast of Rayong, the Ban Phe pier. Ferries go to the pier Na Dan, located in the island’s village of the same name, as well as to the beach of Ao Prao. And speedboats can deliver passengers to any point of the island, including all hotels and beaches.
Due to the geographical position of the island - Ban Phe Pier is located one hour from Pattaya and two and a half hours from Bangkok - the island has become a popular holiday destination for Bangkok residents and foreign tourists. Samet consists of beautiful beaches, tropical exoticism and nightlife.

Samet Beaches

  • Na Dan: a small fishing village and the largest settlement of the island. It is the largest pier of the island.
  • Sai Kaew: the longest and the most comfortable beach of the island.
  • Ao Pai: small harbor, full of cafes and restaurants.
  • Ao Prao: one of the most quiet bays of Samet located a long distance from the noise eastern coast.
  • Ao Vongduen: the second after Sai Kaew longest beach on the island.
  • Ao Vay: the Southern part of Koh Samet.

Transfer Service Rates

Oil, parking, highway tolls, taxes are included

Taxi to/from Ban Phe (Ko Samet pier)


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Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK) - Ban Phe (Samet pier) 2,299 THB 2,399 THB 2,599 THB 2,699 THB 3,199 THB 3,699 THB
Bangkok - Ban Phe (Samet pier) 2,499 THB 2,599 THB 2,799 THB 2,899 THB 3,399 THB 3,899 THB
Pattaya - Ban Phe (Samet pier) 1,099 THB 1,199 THB 1,299 THB 1,399 THB 1,699 THB 1,799 THB
Don Muang airport (DMK) - Ban Phe (Samet pier) 2,599 THB 2,699 THB 2,899 THB 2,999 THB 3,599 THB 4,099 THB
Utapao airport (UTP) - Ban Phe (Samet pier) 1,099 THB 1,199 THB 1,299 THB 1,399 THB 1,699 THB 1,599 THB
Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK) - Rayong 2,399 THB 2,499 THB 2,699 THB 3,099 THB 3,699 THB 3,399 THB
Bangkok - Rayong 2,599 THB 2,699 THB 2,899 THB 3,299 THB 3,899 THB 3,499 THB
Pattaya - Rayong 1,099 THB 1,199 THB 1,299 THB 1,399 THB 1,699 THB 1,799 THB
Don Muang airport (DMK) - Rayong 2,699 THB 2,799 THB 2,999 THB 3,399 THB 4,099 THB 3,599 THB
Utapao airport (UTP) - Rayong 1,099 THB 1,199 THB 1,299 THB 1,399 THB 1,699 THB 1,599 THB
Ban Phe (Koh Samet pier) - Koh Chang pier 2,799 THB 2,899 THB 2,999 THB 3,199 THB 4,199 THB 5,099 THB
Ban Phe (Koh Samet pier) - Sriracha 1,999 THB 2,099 THB 2,299 THB 2,499 THB 3,199 THB 4,099 THB
Ban Phe (Koh Samet pier) - Laem Chabang 1,999 THB 2,099 THB 2,199 THB 2,299 THB 2,599 THB 2,699 THB
Ban Phe (pier to Koh Samet) - Hua-Hin 4,099 THB 4,199 THB 4,499 THB 4,699 THB 5,199 THB 6,099 THB
Ban Phe (pier to Koh Samet) - Koh Chang
(+100 THB/pax for ferry ticket)
3,599 THB 3,699 THB 3,799 THB 3,999 THB 4,699 THB 5,599 THB

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