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Bangkok International Airport Suvarnabhumi (BKK)

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport is the largest airport of Thailand and one of the largest terminals in Asia - 560,000 m2 (only Hong Kong and Beijing are larger). Over 80 arrival and departure flights are served per hour by BKK airport.
The airport is located 25 km from Bangkok city, in the province of Samut Prakan. The passenger terminal is on the Top 20 list of the largest structures and buildings in the world.
It was founded on September 29 2006 and from the day of foundation has been functioning as the main international Thai airport. The terminal building has seven aboveground and two underground floors. You can move between them on elevators or escalators.
Over 300 shops including duty-free are located inside the building.
You can use VIP Fast Track both on arrival and departure.

Taxi Bangkok airport

The best way to get from BKK airport Suivarnabhumi to Bangkok city, Pattaya, DMK, Rayong, Hua Hin is by private taxi.
We offer comfortable transfers with brand new cars and experienced drivers. The prices are cheap; you never need to make any extra payment and it is not necessary to pay in advance.

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Highway tolls, taxes, car seats, parking are included.


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MPV Toyota Innova
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SUV Toyota Fortuner
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VAN Toyota Commuter
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Hyundai H1
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BKK airport (Suvarnabhumi) - Pattaya 1,199 THB 1,299 THB 1,399 THB 1,499 THB 1,999 THB 2,499 THB
BKK airport (Suvarnabhumi) - Bangkok city 799 THB 899 THB 999 THB 1,099 THB 1,399 THB 1,799 THB
BKK airport (Suvarnabhumi) - DMK airport (Don Muang) 799 THB 899 THB 999 THB 1,099 THB 1,399 THB 1,799 THB
BKK airport (Suvarnabhumi) - Hua-Hin 1,999 THB 2,099 THB 2,299 THB 2,399 THB 2,899 THB 3,399 THB
BKK airport (Suvarnabhumi) - Koh Chang
(+100 THB/pax for ferry ticket)
3,799 THB 3,899 THB 3,999 THB 4,199 THB 4,899 THB 5,799 THB
BKK airport (Suvarnabhumi) - Koh Chang pier 2,999 THB 3,099 THB 3,199 THB 3,399 THB 4,399 THB 5,299 THB
BKK airport (Suvarnabhumi) - Rayong 2,399 THB 2,499 THB 2,699 THB 3,099 THB 3,699 THB 3,399 THB
BKK airport (Suvarnabhumi) - Ban Phe (pier to Koh Samet) 2,299 THB 2,399 THB 2,599 THB 2,699 THB 3,199 THB 3,699 THB
BKK airport (Suvarnabhumi)- UTP airport (Utapao) 1,899 THB 1,999 THB 2,099 THB 2,199 THB 2,499 THB 3,399 THB

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