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Fast Track at the gangway of the plane

VIP meeting/departure (Fast Track)

Once have landed at Bangkok airport (Suvarnabhumi) you anticipate to see Thailand or get to your hotel quickly. But...
Bangkok airport is known for its long lines for passport and customs as it is one of the busiest airport in Asia. Sometimes it takes over 2 hours to pass customs and get luggage. This circumstance often makes passengers getting frustrated.
Pattaya Transfer wants our customer gets quick and comfortable service. We offer you the ability to avoid wasting 1-2 hours of your valuable time in a long queue.
Our friendly staff will meet you right at the gangway of airplane and transfer you with comfortable golf cart to special line of passport control and then you simply get your luggage. All the procedure will take within 10 minutes. Start enjoying Thailand once just have landed!

Basic VIP meeting

Our staff meets customer at the gangway of the plane; then follows with you to fast passport control.

Premium VIP meeting

Staff meets customer at the exit of the plane; transfer with golf cart through Suvarnabhumi airport, then follows with you to fast passport control and immigration line (if needed).

VIP departure

No need spoil final part of your great vacation in Thailand and worry about boarding standing in a queue at passport control to leave the country? VIP departure service will help you to avoid this issue!

Price of VIP meeting without golf cart

2,000 THB for each passenger.
4,000 THB for 2 passengers; 6,000 THB for 3 passengers; 8,000 THB for 4 passengers etc.

Price of VIP meeting with golf cart

2,000 THB for each passenger.
1,700 THB for each golf cart (up to 3 passengers)
2,000 + 1,700 = 3,700 THB for 1 passenger; 2*2,000 + 1,700 = 5,700 THB for 2 passengers; 3*2,000 + 1,700 = 7,700 THB for 3 passengers; 4*2,000 + 2*1,700 = 11,400 THB for 4 passengers; 5*2,000 + 2*1,700 = 13,400 THB for 5 passengers; 6*2,000 + 2*1,700 = 15,400 THB for 6 passengers; 7*2,000 + 3*1,700 = 19,100 THB for 7 passengers etc.

Price of VIP depature

1,500 THB for each passenger.
1,500 THB for 1 passenger; 3,000 THB for 2 passengers; 4,500 THB for 3 passengers; 6,000 THB for 4 passengers, 7,500 THB for 5 passengers etc.