Pattaya Taxi and Transfer service

Taxi booking without extra charges!

Taxi from Bangkok airport to Pattaya for 1,200 THB in total Booking

The rate is calculated based on duration. Gas, tolls, child seats are included.


Standard Sedan
Standard Sedan Toyota Corolla
Premium Sedan
Premium Sedan Toyota Camry
Toyota Innova
Family car Toyota Innova
Toyota Fortuner
Outlander Toyota Fortuner
Toyota Commuter
minibus Toyota Commuter
Hyundai H1
luxury minivan Hyundai H1


3 hours 1,600 THB 1,700 THB 1,900 THB 2,000 THB 2,400 THB 3,300 THB
4 hours 1,900 THB 2,000 THB 2,200 THB 2,400 THB 2,700 THB 3,600 THB
5 hours 2,300 THB 2,400 THB 2,600 THB 2,800 THB 3,200 THB 4,100 THB
6 hours 2,600 THB 2,700 THB 3,000 THB 3,200 THB 3,600 THB 4,500 THB
7 hours 3,000 THB 3,100 THB 3,200 THB 3,500 THB 3,900 THB 4,800 THB
1 full day (8-10 hours) 3,400 THB 3,500 THB 3,700 THB 4,000 THB 4,500 THB 5,400 THB

Big bus rental in Thailand. New, air-conditioned buses. All the buses are equipped with TV, mini-kitchen.

High way, driver tips and parking fees, oil are included.

The rates are following:

Itinerary Bus for 40 seats Bus for 50 seats (Double Decker)
Bangkok airport (BKK) to Pattaya
Pattaya to Bangkok airport (BKK)
Bangkok to Pattaya
Pattaya to Bangkok
10,500 THB 12,500 THB
BKK airport - Ban Phe
Ban Phe - BKK airport
Bangkok - Ban Phe
Ban Phe - Bangkok
13,500 THB 14,500 THB
Bangkok airport (BKK) to Koh Chang pier
Koh Chang pier to Bangkok airport (BKK)
Bangkok to Koh Chang pier
Koh Chang pier to Bangkok
16,000 THB 17,000 THB
Bangkok airport (BKK) to Hua-Hin
Hua-Hin to Bangkok airport (BKK)
Bangkok to Hua-Hin
Hua-Hin to Bangkok
13,000 THB 14,000 THB
Bangkok airport (BKK) to Bangkok
Bangkok to Bangkok airport (BKK)
Bangkok to DMK airport
DMK airport to Bangkok
7,500 THB 8,500 THB
Pattaya to DMK airport
DMK airport to Pattaya
10,500 THB 11,500 THB
DMK airport to Ban Phe
Ban Phe to DMK airport
14,000 THB 15,000 THB
DMK airport to Hua-Hin
Hua-Hin to DMK airport
14,000 THB 15,000 THB
DMK airport to pier to Koh Chang
pier to Koh Chang to DMK airport
16,500 THB 17,500 THB
Whole day in Bangkok and Suburbs 11,000 THB 12,000 THB
Whole day in Pattaya and Suburbs 11,000 THB 12,000 THB

How to Book Taxi

Bangkok to Pattaya Taxi

Pattaya Transfer was founded in 2006 and since has been focusing on taxi in Thailand, mostly between Bangkok area and Pattaya. Our motto is outstanding quality in combination with low fares.

Phone is +66-9-93936644. Please feel free to call us anytime 24/7. You can also send a query or question by email

Our team will consult on any questions about taxi services in Thailand and help to book a car when needed.

Pattaya Transfer Service has been operating during COVID19 non-stop.

Site updated: August 2021.

Pattaya Transfer: Fleet of Vehicles

Standard Sedan with masks and hand hel

Standard Sedan

For 3 people with luggage

From Bangkok airport to Pattaya for 1,200 THB
Premium Sedan. Luxury sedan for transfers in Thailand

Premium Sedan

For 3 people with luggage

From Bangkok airport to Pattaya for 1,300 THB
MPV Toyota Innova for airport to Pattaya transfer

MPV Toyota Innova minivan

For 4 people
with luggage

From Bangkok airport to Pattaya for 1,400 THB
SUV Toyota Fortuner

SUV Toyota Fortuner

For 4 people with luggage

From Bangkok airport to Pattaya for 1,500 THB
taxi bangkok suvanabhumi pattaya new Toyota Commuter

VAN Toyota Commuter

For 10 people with luggage

From Bangkok airport Pattaya for 2,000 THB
luxury minivan Huyndai H1


For 6 people with luggage

From Bangkok airport to Pattaya for 2,300 THB
BMW Sedan 730 for taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya

BMW 730 Sedan

For 3 people with luggage

From Bangkok airport to Pattaya for 10,000 THB
Mercedes Benz 350 for taxi from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to Pattaya

Mercedes S350

For 3 people with luggage

From Bangkok airport to Pattaya for 10,000 THB

Taxi Transfers

Pattaya Beaches

International Airports of Thailand

taxi Suvarnabhumi airport to Pattaya

Suvarnabhumi airport BKK

surat thani airport

Surat Thani airport URT


Why Pattaya Transfer?


We serve you everytime!

All inclusive rates

Taxi for reasonable rate

Our logistics and fleet of cars helps us to keep low prices.

Polite and skillful drivers come ONTIME

Outstanding customer experience. Our drivers are never late!

Transfer to endpoint

You will be delivered to the place (hotel, condo, villa, house, pier etc) you need!

Customers come back to us

Our business is based on new and regular customers.

Customers about Pattaya Transfer


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide transfers in the days of COVID-19?
YES, we operate non-stop.
We follow all the measures to make your transfer safe, quick and comfortable.
Drivers put on masks their faces. You are offered with hand gel for your safety. Each car is cleaned with detergent after the trip. COVID-19 proof.
Are your rates total and what is included into price of transfer?
Our rates are total and include highway, gas, tips and child seats. NO HIDDEN COSTS.
How much is your price for a taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya?
Taxi Bangkok airport Pattaya is 1,200 THB; taxi Bangkok to Pattaya is 1,400 THB.
Why is there a difference in price for taxis between Pattaya and Bangkok airport and between Pattaya and Bangkok city?
Bangkok airport Suvarnabhumi is 25 km closer to Pattaya than Bangkok city.
What is your taxi rate from DMK airport to Pattaya?
1,500 THB standard sedan.
How much does a taxi from BKK airport to DMK airport cost?
800 THB in total.
How much is a taxi from BKK airport to Bangkok city?
800 THB in total.
How much does a taxi from U-Tapao airport to Pattaya cost?
800 THB in total.
How far is Pattaya from Bangkok airport Suvarnabhumi?
Pattaya is located 120 km from BKK airport Suvarnabhumi. Please bear in mind this transfer will take approximately 1.5 hour.
How to book a taxi with your service?
For your convenience please either use phone (whatsApp/viber): +66-9-93936644 or booking form or email
Where do you meet customers?
EXIT 3 - at Suvarnabhumi airport located on the arrival level inside the airport.
GATES 5 is the meeting point for international flights and area between GATES 11 and GATES 12 is the meeting point for domestic flights at Don Muang airport.
We meet customers at exits of international and domestic arrival flights accordingly at U-Tapao airport.
Are your rates at night different with a day?
No, rates are the same at day and night.
Do you charge extra if a customer needs to be dropped-off at Pattaya suburbs?
No, our fares to Pattaya suburbs are the same as to Pattaya city. So far if transfer from Bangkok to Na Jomtien is required the customer pays the same price he would pay as between Bangkok and Pattaya city.
Is your rate increased if a few drop-offs (or few pick up places) in one city are required?
No, fare remains the same in this case. EG if the customer needs taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya, drop-off at Naklua or Pratumnak or Ambassador city with a short stop at Central Pattaya we do not charge extra.
Do we pay for highway tolls separately?
NO, highway tolls along with car seats, oil and taxes are included into fare.
What are your payment methods?
We accept cash, paypal, credit/debit cards, bank transfer for payment.
Payment in advance is not mandatory on our end. But you can do that if needed.
At what time a booking can be made?
You can order anytime in advance: we operate 24/7. To make booking please either use a booking form or email or phone (whatsApp, viber, line).
Do you provide taxi service to Koh Samet?
Yes, we provide taxi service to Ban Phe. It consists of a number of piers from where ferries start to Koh Samet.
We also pick customers up from Ban Phe for return trips.
Do you execute transfers to Koh Chang, Koh Kood, Koh Mak?
Do we need to pay extra for transfer to Laem Chabang?
If your transfer starts/finishes at Cruise Terminal then the rate is increased by 400 THB for parking fee.
Otherwise price remains the same.
How much is a taxi from Bangkok to Hua Hin?
Taxi Bangkok airport to Hua Hin is 2,000 THB; taxi Hua Hin to Pattaya is 2,900 THB.
What is included into Fast Track service?
  • Basic Fast Track (VIP meeting). Our staff meets you at the gangway of the plane; then follows you to fast passport control and immigration line(if needed), helps to get luggage.
  • Premium Fast Track (VIP meeting). Our staff meets customers at the gangway of the plane; transfer with golf cart through Suvarnabhumi airport, then follows with you to fast passport control and immigration line (if needed), helps to get luggage.
  • VIP departure. Our staff meets you at the entrance to the airport, then follows you to passport control and registration without a queue.

Please see details about VIP meeting and VIP departure by the link.
Do you offer car rental with drivers in Bangkok or Pattaya?
Yes, we offer car rental with driver in all cities of Thailand. You can see rate by the link.
To which destinations of Thailand do you offer big buses rental?
We execute transfers with big buses (single- and double-deckers) to a number of destinations of Thailand including Bangkok, Pattaya, Ban Phe, Rayong, Hua Hin, Trat pier etc. Please see the details.

Contact us

49/246 Chaengwattana Rd, Nonthaburi 11120 Thailand